SOLR data not appearing in APM SOLR tab (Java)


You are using the SOLR platform in your web application, but the SOLR data does not appear in New Relic APM > SOLR tab.


Check the following to ensure SOLR is configured correctly and data is reporting to New Relic.

  1. Ensure JMX is enabled in your SOLR configuration. If JMX is not enabled, the SOLR tab in the UI will not receive any JMX metrics. If you are a Jetty user, manually enable JMX for Jetty.

  2. Ensure you have enabled JMX in solrconfig.xml by using <jmx/> tag. The solrconfig.xml file is the configuration file with the most parameters affecting SOLR itself.

  3. Ensure that SOLR metrics are appearing in the JMX console. The SOLR cache and updates come from MBeans. The JMX console should display the SOLR metrics.

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