No Browser data appears (Java)


Your Java application isn't reporting New Relic Browser data.


If your application server does not use the Jasper JSP compiler (for example, you use WebSphere or WebLogic), auto-instrumentation is not available. To view Browser data in this situation, see Manual Browser instrumentation.

If you are using the JSP compiler and are still not receiving Browser data, you may have a configuration conflict. New Relic's Java agent allows you to set an app name either in the newrelic.yml configuration file or automatically with your web.xml display-name. To verify that your application is reporting to the correct name:

  1. Generate finest level logs.
  2. Search your log file for "enabled for". The listed application names are the ones to which your application is reporting Browser timing data.
  3. If this name does not match the expected name, verify that you are not setting different app names in newrelic.yml and the web.xml display-name setting.

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