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We now support cumulative metrics from OpenTelemetry and Prometheus

April 25, 2023

Simplify your monitoring workflow by easily querying both cumulative and delta metrics, without the need for client-side configuration.

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Get more insights into your Prometheus and OpenTelemetry data faster with cumulative metrics. Query and analyze your cumulative and delta values within a single platform without the need for any client-side configuration.

Cumulative counters are now stored as a New Relic cumulativeCount metric data type. For examples of querying OpenTelemetry cumulative metrics, see our OpenTelemetry best practices.

With this update, you can:

  • Get more insight into your data by easily and efficiently querying both the cumulative and delta values.
  • Eliminate the need for client-side configuration to convert cumulative values to delta values before sending data to New Relic, saving valuable time and effort.

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