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We're making it easier to bring in data with new network monitoring installation methods

December 7, 2022

Our network monitoring data installation now supports Linux deb/npm so you can begin detection of network issues faster

We're simplifying the deployment of your network data to answer "Is it the network?" faster!

Modern IT Operations need full stack visibility to understand if problems come from the application or the network. Bringing in your network data into New Relic is already easy with our guided data install process.

To bring in additional coverage and bring in faster time to value, we're now supporting adding your data with your Linux package manager (deb/npm) reducing dependency on using Docker containers to deploy network data. This will reduce the time to value so you can answer "Is it the network?" sooner.

Network monitoring provides:

  1. Streamlined detection: Know if it's network causing issues without paging the Network team.
  2. Improved MTTR: Know where a problem resides on the tech stack and who to notify.
  3. Increase operational efficiency: Detect network anomalies by default with AI and automatic alerting.

How to get started

  1. Learn more about sending your network data to New Relic.

  2. Sign up today for a free New Relic account to take advantage of the 100 GB/month of data ingest, one full-platform user, and unlimited basic users offering to get started with network monitoring as part of the observability journey.

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