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Errors Inbox: Now in APM

September 20, 2021

Triage APM errors without setting up a workload

New Relic Errors Inbox is an error tracking solution that provides a single place to view, triage, and resolve errors across the full application stack. Since launch, we have added several major updates:

  • Integration with Slack: Send error details to Slack for easier collaboration.
  • Attribute Analysis: Break down error groups by attribute, like username or device used, to help you investigate the root cause of an error.
  • Logs in Context: Logs in Context are now available within the error details themselves for streamlined root cause analysis with logs.

Now we have added Errors Inbox to the APM UI, which makes triaging APM errors a breeze without the need to set up a workload. Read more about the latest updates in our blog post.

APM Screen Errors Inbox

Watch an extended demo in our recent Nerdlog episode below:

Watch a quick demo below:

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