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Android agent release notesRSS

May 8, 2013
Android agent v1.363


New Relic for Android is now compatible with Android 2.2 (API Level 8)

  • Fixes a scenario where the New Relic SDK could cause Android apps to crash when running on Android 2.2
  • Fully supports network activity instrumentation and reporting on Android 2.2

March 29, 2013
Android agent v1.347


  • Improved setup and configuration support, especially on Windows


  • Fixes an issue where HttpURLConnection responses could raise an unhandled exception
  • Fixes an issue where reported response time is much shorter than actual response time under certain conditions
  • Fixes an issue where certain HTTP requests could raise an unhandled exception

March 13, 2013
Android agent v1.338


  • Happy Pi Day!
  • Welcome to New Relic for Mobile Apps, we're glad to have you aboard.

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