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Android agent v3.378.0

May 15, 2014Download


  • CPU vitals in Interaction traces.

    We've added CPU vitals in interaction traces. You'll now be able to see your application's usage of the device's CPU(s) as a percentage of the total CPU time.


  • Restore compatibility for building with Java 7u55 and support Java 8.

    Java 7u55 introduced a slight change that broke our build process. We've corrected this issue and added support for Java 8.

  • Applications without version numbers crashed the agent.

    Strangely, it's possible to build an Android application without a version number defined in the manifest. We now detect this case and shut down the agent cleanly with an error message indicating we require a version number.

  • Encode custom Http(s) error response bodies.

    Http(s) error response bodies are normally encoded to ease escaping. However, errors reported via the API were not encoded. We've fixed this so all errors should appear properly in the UI.

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