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Android agent v3.330.0

March 11, 2014Download


  • Ensure interactions complete when an app leaves the foreground.

    Previously, it was possible for an interaction to persist across application foreground/background lifecycles if a trace segment was still in flight. This resulted in interaction traces extending past the default 60-second limit. Now, interactions are stopped when the app leaves the foreground regardless of segment states.

  • Machine metrics continue generation upon app restore.

    Machine metrics now continue to generate after an app has been in the background and enters the foreground. Previously, they were only generated from launch until the app entered the background.

  • Improve BitmapFactory instrumentation scoping.

    BitmapFactory’s static method instrumentation is now scoped to more tightly to its package and class to prevent instrumentation of similar but unrelated method signatures.

  • Added more instrumentation to summary metrics.

    Now all instrumented methods are included in summarized category metrics including those only present in background threads.

  • Added missing methods to HttpsUrlConnection instrumentation.

    Several missing proxy methods have been added to our HttpsUrlConnection shim. This restores the ability to override default HTTPS behavior.

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