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Android agent release notesRSS

February 26, 2014
Android agent v3.308.0


  • New API methods for adding cross application tracing headers to noticeHttpTransaction().

    In case the New Relic agent doesn't support the HTTP API you're using, you can manually submit a transaction via the noticeHttpTransaction() method. With this release, this method now allows you to set the NR cross application tracing header for tracking purposes.


  • Fixed a rare build crash where newly constructed objects go unused and are later optimized down by ProGuard.

January 16, 2014
Android agent v3.264.0


  • New API method for configuring logging verbosity.

    You can now choose how verbose the agent will be at boot by chaining withLogLevel() before your NewRelic start() call. The default level is INFO.

  • New API method for renaming inflight interactions.

    Call NewRelic.setInteractionName() at the beginning of your onCreate() method to set a custom name for your interaction. This usually defaults to the name of the Activity subclass.

  • Method tracing optimizations.

    We’ve carefully reviewed the code involved in tracing instrumented methods and reduced its CPU and memory overhead substantially.

December 17, 2013
Android agent v3.239.0


  • Call checkcast before invoking NR instrumentation.

    This fixes an issue where the Dalvik VM refuses to load a class with our instrumentation in cases where the inbound object is not the expected type as determined by static code analysis.

  • Don't attempt to instrument constructors in subclasses of classes we normally instrument.

    While we support instrumenting constructors by replacing the call to , we don't support doing this in subclasses. For now, we ignore these cases but may return to adding inline instrumentation to constructors in the future.

  • Java 7u60 (pre-release) refactored the class in which we were storing our invocation dispatcher.

    We've future proofed the agent by storing the dispatcher in another core class.

December 1, 2013
Android agent v3.214.0


  • End to end instrumentation for your mobile applications.
  • Automatic instrumentation of important system objects and methods.
  • Customizability to allow for instrumentation of your most important objects and methods.

November 21, 2013
Android agent v2.444.0


  • Fixed rare bug in Eclipse where all projects are built with New Relic regardless of agent jar presence.

September 25, 2013
Android agent v2.433.0


  • Added support for ProGuard with Ant builds.
  • Clarified naming of unknown carriers on Android

September 11, 2013
Android agent v2.426.1


  • Added support for ProGuard with Ant builds. *Note: Version 2.426.0 of the Android agent already works with ProGuard and other build systems (Gradle, Maven, and Eclipse).

June 27, 2013
Android agent v2.426.0


  • The agent now detects if the app was instrumented properly and displays an error message if otherwise.
  • The Eclipse plugin now refreshes your project after installing/updating New Relic.
  • Improved post installation messaging in Eclipse.


  • Fixes an issue in Eclipse on Windows where Eclipse is installed in a location with a space in the path.
  • Repackaged the agent with JarJar to prevent class space collisions.
  • Fixes an issue where a re-used HttpRequest object would have multiple X-NewRelic-ID headers added.

June 7, 2013
Android agent v2.397.0

Gradle and Android Studio support

  • Now you can add New Relic to your Gradle builds
  • Android Studio support via Gradle/Maven

May 31, 2013
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