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Manage vulnerabilities as a security team

This document covers how to:

  • Calculate the vulnerability surface area of our software systems
  • Understand how runtime architecture of each application affects business risk, vulnerability and severity
  • Assign security tasks to individual developers

If this workflow doesn't sound like you, check out our document on managing vulnerabilities as a developer.


Vulnerability data sent through one of our integrations.

View the vulnerability surface area of your systems

one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Vulnerability Management

Once vulnerability data starts flowing into New Relic, you can access your data through various scoped views. To view a summary of your entire system, navigate to the Vulnerability Management summary page. This page provides curated dashboards representing the vulnerability of your system and baseline security hygiene.

Dig deeper into the security of your system by auditing the vulnerability of all your entities, libraries, and active vulnerabilities:

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