Recheck failed monitors

You can use Synthetics rechecks to rerun a failed monitor check. All rechecks begin immediately at a single location. This makes it easy to verify a single failing location or result.

Additionally, all recheck data appears as a standard monitor datapoint and result. This allows you to view monitor checks in context with the overall monitor performance.

View and recheck failed monitor results

Recheck buttons appear on monitor result details pages if:

  • The result has a FAILED status.
  • The result occurred in the past 24 hours.
  • The monitor has not been edited since the result occurred.

To view a failed monitor's results and recheck it:

  1. Go to > (select a monitor).
  2. From the monitor's Overview page, select a link from the Failures table.


    From the monitor's Results page, use the filter or sort options to select a location indicating Results: Failed.

  3. Review the failed check details, then click Recheck.
  4. To view the updated status, click See results.
Synthetics monitor recheck > (select a monitor) > (select a check failure): To view details about a failed monitor check, click Recheck.

When you click Recheck, Synthetics triggers an immediate recheck using the result's location and the monitor's current configuration. Once the job is completed, the button will display the recheck's status (Success or Failure). To view the recheck Results page again, click the status button.

Running a recheck will also log a Synthetics audit event that you can query with New Relic Insights. For example:

SELECT * from NrAuditEvent 
WHERE actionIdentifier = 'synthetics_monitor.re_check_job'

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