Troubleshooting private locations

Private locations are an add-on feature for paid Synthetics accounts. For more information, contact your account representative or the New Relic sales desk.


If you encounter any of these problems with private locations for New Relic Synthetics, try these troubleshooting tips.


Here are some common problems and their solutions.

Network access red

The private minion makes a check to to verify public network access. If public network access is not available, the Network Access icon on the private minion's Overview page will turn red, but the private minion will otherwise be fully functional. If this is the expected behavior, you can safely ignore this error.

You may also see log entries like this:

2016-01-21 21:47:09,401 [dw-22 - GET /private-location/status] c.n.s.m.util.PrivateMinionUtils WARN Unable to detect Public Network Access trying to fetch Connection refused
New Relic access red

The private minion must have access to in order to retrieve the list of jobs to run and publish results that you can view in your New Relic user interface. If your firewall rules don't permit direct access, you must configure proxy access. If necessary, add the DNS endpoint to your allow list.

Other unexpected problems

If you encounter other unusual situations, recycle the application. The private minion is a stateless virtual appliance, so you can safely recycle or reboot it at any time with minimal impact to your private location. Even if all your minions are offline at the same time, Synthetics will simply queue pending checks and re-run them once your minions are back online.

To recycle your minion, log into the console and issue this command:

sudo restart synthetics-minion

If recycling the minion does not resolve your problem, log into the console and restart the minion:

sudo reboot now

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