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New details page

July 28, 2022

New service levels details page

We've redesigned the service levels details page view to better help you with the root analysis of an SLO breach.

What we have introduced:

Activity stream - The activity stream, streams recent events from alerts and deployments and provides a direct view into what has changed in your system so that you can fix outages quickly.

Alerts - Create alerts on error budget fast-burn rate.

Analyse - Easy access to the original SLI query to enable further analysis.

Compare with - Compare the SLI attainment across two different time frames.

Related entity - A link to the SLI related entity's mini-overview, which provides important metrics of that entity.

Save as a dashboard - Share the service level data by creating a new dashboard.

Time picker - Drag across a section of a chart to zoom in on that time range. Or, if you want to select a pre-set time range or use a custom one, use the time picker in the top right corner of the UI.

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