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Easier setup

January 27, 2022


If you associate an SLI with an APM service or a browser app, we'll suggest some typical SLI and their queries. We'll use the latest data as a baseline for your service level objectives, and you'll be able to edit the SLI and SLOs afterwards.

You can learn more about our suggested service levels in our docs.

New suggested service levels


We've added suggestions and validations for the NRQL queries on the setup flow, so now it's easier to customize service level parameters and exceptions.

Improved service level setup flow


SLO periods now only include complete weeks.

SLO compliance results for rolling time windows are more consistent when they include complete weeks. This way, the calculation always includes the same amount of weekends, and any weekly seasonality doesn't impact the results depending on which day of the week you look at SLOs.

Due to this fact, SLOs with a 30-day period are no longer supported, and any existing SLO previously configured with a 30-day period has been changed to 28 days.

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