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Browser agent v1184

September 30, 2020

New Features

Added support for custom attributes on PageViewTiming events

Custom attributes created using the setCustomAttribute API method will now be included in all PageViewTiming events.

Issue Resolutions

  • [SPA- BrowserInteractions] Fixed an issue resulting from too many fetch requests

    • Resolved a bug throwing a null reference error during browser interactions where more than 128 fetch requests were recorded and distributed tracing was enabled.
  • [PageViewTiming] Fixed an edge-case issue with the paint timing instrumentation

    • In cases when nothing was painted to screen before the load event, the agent would throw an error. We have added a guard for this scenario.
  • [PageViewTiming] Fixed issue with Largest Contentful Paint recording

    • The browser agent stops recording largest contentful paint after 60 seconds on a page. We fixed an issue where recording continued beyond that threshold.

How to upgrade your agent

For instructions for upgrading your agent, please view our docs.

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