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iOS agent v4.83

October 8, 2014Download



  • Crash reporting
    • This release introduces crash reporting for mobile apps. Crash reporting supports capture and reporting of unhandled Objective-C runtime exceptions as well as native crashes like segfaults and bus errors.
    • Crashes include Interaction trails: a history of automatically instrumented actions that occurred during the app session leading up to the crashing event. No breadcrumbs needed.
    • The SDK includes a [NewRelic crashNow] method to trigger a test crash quickly and easily.
    • When an app is built for release, the debugging symbols are sent to New Relic (via a dSYM file) to automatically provide human-readable crash reports in the UI.
  • Swift app compatibility
    • This release can be safely included in Swift applications. While we do not yet support instrumentation of Swift code, the New Relic SDK is now capable of instrumenting the Objective-C code included in your Swift app.
  • More configuration options
    • An expanded runtime configuration API now supports disabling of crash reporting and interaction tracing, as well as enabling experimental Swift instrumentation for dynamically invoked methods.
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