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Mobile app for Android release notesRSS

October 7, 2014
Mobile app for Android v1.8.2


  • New UI
  • View mobile crash data
  • View mobile crash details
  • Receive notifications of mobile crashes


  • Maintain Time Window state on detail views

August 14, 2014
Mobile app for Android v1.6.1


  • View application transactions lists
  • View application transactions details


  • Show Privacy Menu / Settings in action bar overflow when in Alerts List view

June 30, 2014
Mobile app for Android v1.4.1

New features

  • Plugin lists
  • Plugin details
  • SAML support


  • Fix problems with account switching

June 6, 2014
Mobile app for Android v1.1.1


  • New search feature for lists

Bug fixes

  • Tutorial views no longer crash on Samsung devices

May 23, 2014
Mobile app for Android v1.0.0.1


Initial Release


  • View Alerts and Alert details
  • View lists of APM, Servers, Mobile, and Transactions data
  • View details for Applications, Servers, Mobile apps, and Key Transactions

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