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Mobile app for Android release notesRSS

June 12
Mobile app for Android v5.20.3


  • Adds support for http requests in mobile
  • Adds support for ANR reporting to New Relic monitoring
  • Improves auto refresh session token flow
  • Fixes some bugs in dashboards

June 11
Mobile app for Android v5.20.2


  • Improve support for auto-refresing session token
  • Add New Relic agent with ANR support

May 24
Mobile app for Android v5.19.0


  • Add support for Mobile http request detail screens
  • Add control panel to entity detail screens to adjust time window and filtering

May 7
Mobile app for Android v5.18.0


  • Add support for Log Table visualization
  • Improve alert issue detail link support

March 18
Mobile app for Android v5.17.0


  • New Kubernetes detail screens for APM

February 22
Mobile app for Android v5.15.0


  • Improved Lambda functions with a new invocations and errors detail screen.

January 29
Mobile app for Android v5.13.0


  • Improved Lambda Function detail screen
  • Added time filters for Issues and Incidents
  • Various bug fixes

December 14, 2023
Mobile app for Android v5.11.1


  • Improve charts for alerts and apdex.
  • Improve dashboards with the variables select all option.
  • Fix device notification registration for social sign-on users.

November 7, 2023
Mobile app for Android v5.10.0


  • Grok feedback dialog
  • Grok voice to text capability
  • Various bug fixes

October 21, 2023
Mobile app for Android v5.9.0


  • Now with New Relic AI, your GenAI observability assistant
  • New Host detail views for Network, Process, Storage and System

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