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Docs version: June 21-27, 2024

June 28, 2024

New docs

  • Mobile monitoring's application not responding feature helps you track and analyze when and why your Android application's blocked for more than five seconds.
  • New browser monitoring log() and wrapLogger() API docs define the syntax, requirements, parameters, and examples on how to use these new endpoints.

Major changes

Minor changes

  • Added IAST validator service URL endpoints to FedRAMP compliant endpoints and networks.
  • Updated IAST troubleshooting with specific IP ranges to whitelist if you're not seeing your application.
  • Updated Ruby agent configuration with NEW_RELIC_INSTRUMENTATION_AWS_SQS auto-instrumentation configuration information.
  • Removed ApplicationExitInfo reporting configuration information from configure mobile monitoring settings, because you can do this in the UI.
  • Workflow enrichments support multiple variables so you can customize your data more specifically ot your needs.
  • Added the MobileApplicationExit attribute to our data dictionary. Our data dictionary isn't only a docs resource, but it also feeds attribute definitions directly to the UI, for example when you're writing NRQL queries in our query builder.
  • Removed docs related to the outdated alerts REST API.

Release notes and What's New posts

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