Node.js release notes

Node.js agent release notes

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 13:40 Download


  • Added metrics for enabled/disabled feature flags.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed transaction naming for Hapi plugins.

Thanks to Marc Höffl (@KeKs0r) for providing a reproduction!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 11:17 Download

New features

  • Added support for ignoring ranges of status codes.

    The configuration error_collector.ignore_status_codes can now take ranges of numbers. For example, ignore_status_codes: ['400-404'] would ignore 400, 401, 402, 403, and 404.

  • Experimental instrumentation for async/await

    This is experimental instrumentation and has not yet been tested in a wide array of production environments. The feature is currently off by default behind a feature flag. To enable this experimental instrumentation, add await_support: true to the feature_flag setting in your agent config file.


  • Updated examples and documentation regarding custom transaction creation.

    All examples and documentation now point at the newrelic.start*Transaction methods.

  • Transaction state is now maintained in ChildProcess event listeners.

  • Reducing logging verbosity in the SQL query obfuscator.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug when a custom collector port was provided in the configuration that prevented redirected connections from working.

  • Fixed a bug in Shim#record that could cause an exception when trying to create a new segment as part of an ended/inactive transaction.

  • Fixed issue with custom Hapi handlers causing an error.

    Previously custom Hapi handlers defined using the server.handler() method were causing the Hapi server to return a 500 error. Now they are correctly handled and recorded as middleware functions.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 - 11:28 Download


  • Improved metadata collection for AWS, Azure, GCE, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in PG query obfuscation for $ placeholders.

    The agent used to mis-detect $1 value placeholders as unmatched dollar-quoted strings causing the whole query to be obfuscated to just ?. These placeholders are now correctly detected and obfuscated.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 13:01 Download


  • Improved documentation for newrelic.start*Transaction and TransactionHandle.

    Formatting for the startWebTransaction and startBackgroundTransaction methods was fixed and documentation for the TransactionHandle class which getTransaction returns was added.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed parsing the table name from SQL queries.

    Quotes around the table name are now stripped after parsing the query and before constructing the metrics.

  • Fixed unhandled rejection error caused by ioredis instrumentation.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 14:34 Download

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with transaction events not including correct duration values.

    This issue was introduced in v2.0.0, and it has affected web transactions histogram and percentile charts.

  • Fixed issue with Redis instrumentation causing the agent to crash in some cases.

    Previously, the Redis instrumentation would crash the agent when Redis commands were called without a callback and after the transaction has ended.

  • Fixed issue with the agent crashing on Node v4.0-4.4 and v5.0-5.9.

    This issue was caused by incorrect shim for Buffer.from(), and it affected older minor versions of Node v4 and v5.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 01:00 Download


  • The New Relic Node Agent v2 is here!

    This release contains major changes to the agent instrumentation API, making it easier to create and distribute your own instrumentation for third party modules. Check out Upgrade the Node agent or the Migration Guide for more information on upgrading your application to this version.

  • BREAKING: Reversed naming and ignore rules.

    Naming rules are now applied in the order they are defined.

  • BREAKING: De-duplicated HTTP request transactions.

    Only one transaction is created per request event emitted by an HTTP server. Previously this was one transaction per listener per event emitted.

  • BREAKING: Stopped swallowing outbound request errors.

    Errors emitted by outbound HTTP requests will no longer be swallowed by the agent.

  • BREAKING: Node v0.8 is no longer supported. Minimum version is now v0.10.

    The v1 agent will continue to support Node 0.8 but will no longer receive updates.

  • BREAKING: npm v1 is no longer supported. Minimum version is now v2.0.0.

New features

  • Added API for writing messaging framework instrumentation.

    Introduced new MessageShim class for writing instrumentation. This shim can be accessed using the newrelic.instrumentMessages() API method.

  • Added amqplib instrumentation.

    Applications driven by amqplib consumers will now have transactions automatically created for consumed messages. See Troubleshoot message consumers for more information on this instrumentation and its limitations.

  • Advanced instrumentation API is now generally available.

    New methods for instrumenting common modules were introduced during the Agent v2 beta. These APIs are now available to everyone:

    • newrelic.instrument()/Shim: This method can be used to instrument generic modules, such as connection pooling libraries, task schedulers, or anything else not covered by a specialized class.

    • newrelic.instrumentDatastore()/DatastoreShim: This method is good for instrumenting datastore modules such as mongodb, mysql, or pg.

    • newrelic.instrumentWebframework()/WebFrameworkShim: This method is used for instrumenting web frameworks like restify or express.

    Documentation and tutorials for the new API can be found on our GitHub documentation page:


  • Rewrote built-in instrumentation using the new Shim classes.

    The following instrumentations have been rewritten:

    • Datastores
      • cassandra-driver
      • ioredis
      • memcached
      • mongodb
      • mysql
      • node-cassandra-cql
      • pg
      • redis
    • Web frameworks
      • director
      • express
      • hapi
      • restify
  • The @newrelic/native-metrics module is now included as an optional dependency.

    This module will be installed automatically with Agent v2. If it fails to install the agent will still function.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 11:00 Download

New features

  • Node v8 is officially supported with the exception of async/await.

    Support for the new async/await keywords is coming in a future release. Until this support is added, New Relic does not support and highly discourages using the Node.js agent with applications that utilize async/await, as it could result in transaction state loss and data being mixed between transactions.


  • Fixed issues related to changes in the core networking modules that resulted in transaction state loss. Also instrumented new asynchronous API methods in crypto and inspector.
Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 14:15 Download

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a transaction state loss introduced in Node 7.10.0 when using net.createConnection.

    Added a new segment for net.connect, net.createConnection, and http.Agent#createConnection. Sockets created within a transaction also have their emit bound to the segment.

  • Fixed a typo about the name of the default configuration file. Thanks Jacob LeGrone (@jlegrone)!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 - 13:57 Download


  • Dropped support for Express <4.6.

New features

  • Improved API for writing web framework instrumentation.

    Introduced a new WebFrameworkShim class for writing instrumentation. This shim can be accessed using the newrelic.instrumentWebframework API method.


  • Incorporated fixes and features from 1.38.0, 1.38.1, and 1.38.2.

  • Only one transaction is created for each request emitted by a server.

    Previously we created a transaction for each listener on the request event.

  • Fixed the beta sign up link in the

  • Rewrote instrumentation for Connect, Director, Express, Hapi, and Restify.

    These instrumentations were rewritten using the new WebFrameworkShim. As a consequence of this rewrite, all our instrumentations now have feature parity, meaning every instrumentation will create Middleware metrics for your server.

    Tutorials on using the new instrumentation shim can be found on our API docs:

  • Removed express_segments feature flag.

    This configuration previously controlled the creation of middleware metrics in our Express instrumentation. With the move to the WebFrameworkShim this was dropped.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 15:01 Download

New features

  • Error messages are redacted in High Security Mode now.

  • New configurations were added for disabling some New Relic API methods. These default to enabled and are all disabled in High Security Mode.

    • api.custom_parameters_enabled controls newrelic.addCustomParameters()
    • api.custom_events_enabled controls newrelic.recordCustomEvent()
    • api.notice_error_enabled controls newrelic.noticeError()
  • Updated the default value for transaction_tracer.record_sql to obfuscated.

    This value was previously off by default. This change brings the New Relic Node Agent defaults in line with other New Relic Agents.

Bug fixes

  • Our when instrumentation better detects when a module is actually when.

    Thanks to Pasi Eronen (@pasieronen) for the contribution!

  • Quiet a warning in our native promise instrumentation on Node 0.10.

  • Fixed a bug in the generic pool instrumentation affecting version 3.