Node.js release notes

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 16:26

New features

  • Added span_events and transaction_segments attribute destinations.

    Span event and segment attributes can now be filtered using the same include/exclude config rules as other types. See agent attribute configuration for more details.

  • Added metadata field to connect payload, for collecting NEW_RELIC_METADATA_-prefixed environment variables.

  • Added DynamoDB to datastores.

  • Added opaque option to datastore operation spec.

  • Added Kubernetes utilization detection.

  • Upgraded concat-stream and readable-stream to next major version.

    These modules had previously been held back due to support for Node <6. Since v5.0.0 we dropped that support thus enabling these updates.

  • Added SQS as a supported messaging library name.

  • Enabled tracking of callback via message-shim.recordConsume when no messageHandler provided.


  • Replaced make rules with npm scripts.

Bug fixes

  • The agent will now consistently harvest in all response cases when in serverless mode.

    Previously, the agent's harvest was in a race with process suspension in the event of an uncaught exception, or responding without calling a callback. A synchronous harvesting process is now used to circumvent this racing issue.

  • Fixed issue with socket connection errors causing the agent to stop attempting to connect at startup.

  • Fixed opaque segment functionality for message-shim.recordProduce.

  • Fixed opaque segment functionality for message-shim.recordConsume.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 - 10:26 Download


  • Removed installation of Oracle container test scripts.

  • Replaced explicit config.high_security === true checks with general truthiness checks.

    The agent will now treat any truthy value in the high_security config setting as if it is enabled.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where agent would stop sending data to New Relic servers when a connectivity issue was encountered.

  • Fixed unit test with incorrect usage of cross application tracing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - 11:11 Download

New features

  • Added Neptune to the known database names.


  • Updated log messages for missing configuration files to point at the base configuration.

    Previously the log messages pointed at an internal file defining default values for every configuration.

  • Upgraded to @newrelic/native-metrics v4.

  • Removed outdated config files.

  • Removed old, outdated examples.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where old CAT headers would be injected while distributed tracing was enabled.

    This would happen if both cross_application_tracing.enabled and distributed_tracing.enabled were set to true and an instrumentation disabled tracing for an outbound request.

  • Fixed access to ConglomerateShim in shimmer.

Thursday, January 17, 2019 - 10:32 Download

New features

  • Added new shim type: ConglomerateShim

    This shim class is useful for instrumenting modules which implement several service interfaces of different types.


  • Disabled logging by default when serverless_mode is enabled. Please note serverless/lambda monitoring is not yet officially released.

  • null trace attribute values are no longer sent to New Relic.

    This change brings the Node agent in alignment with the behavior of other language agents.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - 14:46


  • Dropped support for Node versions less than 6.

  • Agent no longer creates transactions when in a stopped, stopping or errored state.

  • Removed public API methods that have been deprecated since Agent v2: createTracer, createWebTransaction, createBackgroundTransaction, and addCustomParameter/(s). See the Migration Guide for more information.

  • Flagged API#setIgnoreTransaction as deprecated; TransactionHandle#ignore should be used instead.

  • Released several feature flags. These flags are no longer used:

    • feature_flag.custom_instrumentation
    • feature_flag.custom_metrics
    • feature_flag.synthetics
    • feature_flag.native_metrics
  • Added plugins.native_metrics.enabled configuration value.

    This configuration value controls the use of the @newrelic/native-metrics module. When set to false the agent will not attempt to load that module.

  • Custom metrics recorded via recordMetric and incrementMetric API calls now automatically have the name prepended with 'Custom/'. Usages of these APIs that manually prepend with 'Custom/' will need to remove the manually specified one or will end up with metrics prepended with 'Custom/Custom/'.

  • Dropped support for node-cassandra-cql.

  • Removed from ignore_server_configuration config setting.

  • Removed deprecated configuration settings capture_params and ignored_params.

  • The agent will no longer cause a stack overflow when logging at trace level to stdout.

    Previously, the agent would inadvertently trigger a trace level log from its trace level log (through wrapping a nextTick call), causing a stack overflow. The agent now detects this case and aborts the nested call.

Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 12:30 Download

New features

  • The agent now reacts to failed New Relic requests based on response code, as opposed to parsing an exception message in the response body.


  • Fixed clearing of active harvest via _stopHarvester()

  • Fixed handling of harvest endpoints when not all fail.

  • Added agent state "connecting" to indicate when handshake with New Relic servers is starting. This can be triggered on startup and restarts.

  • Added --no-package-lock to unit and integration rules.

  • Released protocol_17 feature flag.

  • Replaced nsp with npm audit in security checks.

  • Collector now specify application/json content-type when data is compressed instead of octet-stream.

  • Bumped ecmaVersion in test .eslintrc to 8

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 10:59 Download

New features

  • Added IP address collection and forwarding of metadata headers for upcoming protocol 17.

    These features are currently behind the protocol_17 feature flag until all parts of protocol 17 are implemented.


  • Converted error handling in CollectorAPI and RemoteMethod to callbacks.

    Previously many of the errors were thrown. For consistency with async errors, these are now handed to the callback instead of thrown. The old behavior could result in a crash under a few circumstances, such as when the agent exceeded a configured maximum payload size. These errors came from RemoteMethod._safeRequest. Since these errors are handed to the callback instead of thrown, this bug is no longer a potential.

  • Refactored harvest interactions in preparation for protocol 17 status codes.

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 12:10 Download

New features

  • Added protocol_17 feature flag.

    Flag will be removed and protocol will be hard-coded to 17 once functionality is released on New Relic backend.

  • This release also includes changes to the agent to enable monitoring of Lambda functions. If you are interested in learning more or previewing New Relic Lambda monitoring please email

  • Added waitForIdle option to API#shutdown.

    This new option will make the agent wait for all active transactions to finish before actually shutting down. This does not pre-empt creation of new transactions, so care must be taken to ensure the active transaction pool drains or the agent will never shut down.


  • Added switch statement indenting standard to eslintrc

  • Introduced "warn" level 2 space rule to eslintrc

  • Upgraded @newrelic/test-utilities to v2.

Bug fixes

  • Changed totalTime attribute to be in decimal seconds instead of milliseconds for transaction events.

  • Agent no longer produces spans on ignored transactions.

    Previously, the agent would produce distributed tracing span events regardless of the ignored status of the transaction the events originated from.

  • Extended Restify instrumentation to mark possible transaction names in order to account for async response methods.

  • Updated hapi@16 versioned tests to only run on Node 6 and above.

  • Pinned mysql2 to <1.6.2 in versioned tests.

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - 14:06 Download

New features

  • Added DatastoreShim#getDatabaseNameFromUseQuery

    This new method can be used to extract the database name from USE SQL queries.


  • Added link to file in

    Thanks to Yuri Tkachenko (@tamtamchik) for the contribution.

  • Added VS Code settings to git ignore.

  • Fixed bug preventing Distributed Tracing (DT) from fully functioning when Cross Application Tracing (CAT) was disabled.

  • Renames better-cat integration test organization to be distributed-tracing and updated some test verbiage to use DT or distributed tracing instead of CAT or cross application tracing.

Bug fixes

  • The agent will no longer break express routers in the case of using regex paths in a list.

    Previously, the agent would overwrite the regex with the source of the regex. The agent now makes a copy of the route array and mutates that instead.

  • Attributes will now be properly propagated to PageView events.

    The agent may now be configured to pass attributes along to the browser agent. The attributes that match the include/exclude rules in the browser_monitor.attributes section will now be placed on PageView events.

Monday, October 1, 2018 - 11:16 Download

New features

  • Added superagent as built-in instrumentation.

    This instrumentation just maintains transaction state when using the superagent module to make HTTP requests with either callbacks or promises.

  • Updated noticeError API method to be partially functional in High Security Mode.

    In HSM, any custom attributes will be ignored, but the error will still be tracked. This brings the Node agent in line with the behavior of other language agents.

  • Added PromiseShim class for instrumenting promise libraries.

  • Support for setting transaction_tracer.transaction_threshold to 0 has been added.


  • Updated DT payload creation to use primary_application_id from connect response.

  • Added protection against functions with modified prototypes in shim.applySegment.

  • Replaced SQL ID hash generation algorithm with SHA1 instead of MD5 to allow usage in FIPS compliant environments.

  • Leveraged 16 hex digits for creation of SQL ID.

  • Upgraded ejs module to get rid of Github security warnings. The ejs module was only used for tests and not in main agent code.

  • Changes DT payload configuration log messages to debug level as it is not uncommon for calls to occur before server configuration has been retrieved.

  • Converted net instrumentation to use shim api.

  • Converted child_process instrumentation to newer shim style.

  • Converted Timers instrumentation to newer shim style.

  • Converted zlib instrumentation to use shim API.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed codec.decode() callback bug that would re-call a callback with an error thrown within the callback.

  • Fixed bug requiring Cross Application Tracing (CAT) to be enabled for Distributed Tracing (DT) createDistributedTracePayload and acceptDistributedTracePayload APIs to function. DT configuration will no longer consider CAT configuration.

  • Fixed bug in wrap() that would fail to wrap callbacks if the callback index was 0.

  • The agent now respects NEW_RELIC_TRACER_THRESHOLD.

    Previously, this environment variable was stored as a string. The environment variable is now stored as a float.

Monday, August 27, 2018 - 13:35 Download


  • Converted File System instrumentation to use newer shim style.

  • Converted DNS instrumentation to newer shim style.

  • Added tracking of callbacks to DNS instrumentation.

  • Converted crypto instrumentation to newer shim style.

  • Updated domains instrumentation to use an instrumentation shim.

  • Refactored the global instrumentation to use the shim API.

  • Ported inspector instrumentation to use an instrumentation shim.

  • Ported async_hooks based promise instrumentation over to using shims.

  • Added shim types for core instrumentations.

  • Improved benchmark comparison output.

  • Added http benchmark tests.

Bug fixes

  • Agent instrumentation will no longer interfere with promisification of core methods.

    Some core methods expose pre-promisified versions of the methods as a reference on the method itself. When instrumenting these methods, it neglected to forward these references onto the wrapper function. Now the instrumentation will properly forward property look ups to the original method.

  • Fixed outbound https call to use to resolve integration test issue.

  • Fixed tests for ioredis 4.0.0 and above.

Monday, August 13, 2018 - 12:42 Download


  • Implemented enforcement of max_payload_size_in_bytes config value.

    Any payload during the harvest sequence that exceeds the configured limit will be discarded.

  • Added JSON-formatted output to benchmarks to enable automated benchmark comparison.

  • Updated the benchmark runner to measure specifically userland CPU overhead.

  • Added DatastoreShim benchmarks.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed MongoDB instrumentation for driver versions greater than 3.0.6.

    Mongo 3.0.6 removed metadata the Agent relied upon to instrument the driver. This fixes that by going back to the old method of manually listing all objects and methods to instrument.

  • Updated MySQL versioned tests to run against the latest release.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 11:05

New features

  • Added support for distributed tracing.

    Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your distributed system. By showing the distributed activity through a unified view, you can troubleshoot and understand a complex system better than ever before.

    Distributed tracing is available with an APM Pro or equivalent subscription. To see a complete distributed trace, you need to enable the feature on a set of neighboring services. Enabling distributed tracing changes the behavior of some New Relic features, so carefully consult the transition guide before you enable this feature.

    To enable distributed tracing, set distributed_tracing.enabled to true in your newrelic.js file, or set NEW_RELIC_DISTRIBUTED_TRACING_ENABLED in your environment.

  • Added a warning for too-new versions of Node.js during agent startup.

  • Appropriately obfuscated SQL statements will now be included in all transaction traces.

    Previously, the agent would only include the SQL statements if the corresponding query was sufficiently slow.

  • Added ability to execute instrumentation functions in the context of the segment the segment descriptor is describing.

    All record* methods supplied by all instrumentation shim classes now allow for a function to be executed under the context of the segment the record call will produce. This may be done by supplying a function in the inContext key for the segment descriptor passed to the record method.

  • Reservoirs will now respect setting their size to 0.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 10:45

New features

  • Added full support for Node v10.

  • Added instrumentation for crypto.scrypt.

  • Added instrumentation for fs.realpath.native.

  • Added instrumentation for process.setUncaughtExceptionCaptureCallback.


  • Updated tests to use asyncResource.runInAsyncScope instead of emitBefore and emitAfter
Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 17:01


  • The agent will now properly remerge event data on collection failure.

Previously, the agent wouldn't observe the correct format for remerging, causing undefined events to be pushed into the reservoir.

Monday, July 16, 2018 - 10:10 Download

New features

  • Feature flags may now be set from environment variables.

    Using the naming convention NEW_RELIC_FEATURE_FLAG_<feature flag name in upper case>.


  • Transaction events may be harvested in two payloads now.

    This change reduces the occurrence of harvests being rejected due to large payloads. Payloads will only be split when they are large (greater than 1/3 the maximum).

Bug fixes

  • Updated Hapi v17 instrumentation to wrap server export, in addition to Server.
Thursday, July 12, 2018 - 10:36 Download


  • Replaced trusted_account_ids array with trusted_account_key.

  • Added node v10 to the test matrix.

Bug fixes

  • Added config utilization env vars to the BOOLEAN_VARS set.

    This ensures that if these boolean config values are set outside of a config file, their values are respected, particularly when they are disabled.

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 11:30


  • Added nonce option for newrelic.getBrowserTimingHeader()

    This allows people to pass in a string to be injected as the nonce property of the generated script tag. Special thanks to João Vieira (@joaovieira) for contributing this feature!

  • Expose the External segment on the http request instance for outbound calls.


  • Added check to mark Hapi 'onPreResponse' extensions as error handlers.

    Previously, the agent was unable to mark any Hapi errors as handled, even if they were, resulting in inaccurate reporting. This change assumes that 'onPreResponse' extensions act as error handlers, so errors are only reported if they persist to the final response.

Monday, July 2, 2018 - 12:08


  • Added more tests for transaction naming with Restify.


  • Fixed issue with tracking external requests to default ports.

    Special thanks to Ryan King for pinpointing the cause of this issue.

  • Added extra check for handling arrays of functions when wrapping middleware mounters.

    This fixes a bug with the agent incorrectly assuming that arrays passed as the first argument in middleware would only contain route paths, causing a fatal error.

  • The agent now reports the total time of the transaction on transaction events.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 14:44 Download

New features

  • Added an option for using the finally method on promises for instrumentation.

    The promise instrumentation would use Promise#finally if available. This change is in response to Node v10 promises calling then inside their finally method, which caused infinite recursion in the agent's promise instrumentation.

  • Added seen/sent/dropped supportability metrics for all event collections.


  • Refactored harvest cycle into separate class.

    This refactoring eases managing harvested data and re-merging unharvested values on failure.

  • No longer download gcc on test suites that do not require it.

Bug fixes

  • Updated WebFrameworkShim to handle arrays of routes when wrapping middleware mounters.

    Previously, a transaction that hit a shared middleware (eg, app.use(['/one', '/two'], ...)) would always be tagged with <unknown> in its name, due to the agent not interpreting arrays of paths. Now transaction names will include all paths for a shared middleware, comma-delimited, followed by the current route ('WebTransaction/Expressjs/GET//one,/two/one').