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Node.js agent release notesRSS

April 24, 2019
Node.js agent v5.7.0

Added getStatusName to NameState.Now web transactions will be named after known status code messages (404, 405, and 501). Added appendPath option to MiddlewareSpec

April 23, 2019
Node.js agent v4.13.1

Fixed bug where agent would stop sending data to New Relic servers when a connectivity issue was encountered. The agent will no longer crash the process in the event of unexpected calls to the harvest

April 16, 2019
Node.js agent v5.6.4

Refactored config to log warning and disable distributed tracing if enabled in serverless mode, but missing required config setting. Serverless mode no longer sets different data collection limits. Th

April 1, 2019
Node.js agent v5.6.3

The agent will now accurately filter out request parameters while operating under CSP or HSM.You can find more information about this change in the Security Bulletin

March 25, 2019
Node.js agent v5.6.2

Agent now respects attribute type restrictions on trace/segment attributes, as well as error event/trace attributes

March 11, 2019
Node.js agent v5.6.1

Updated log message for not adding attributes and change the log level to debug. Fixed an issue where exclusive time would be improperly calculated in some cases

March 4, 2019
Node.js agent v5.6.0

Added product attribute to existing datastore instrumentations. Added db.collection to datastore span event attributes

February 19, 2019
Node.js agent v5.5.0

Added SNS to message shim library names. Added check for collect_span_events in config sent from the server on connect.Collection of span events can be disabled from the server configuration, but not

February 11, 2019
Node.js agent v5.3.0

Added span_events and transaction_segments attribute destinations.Span event and segment attributes can now be filtered using the same include/exclude config rules as other types. See agent attribute

January 29, 2019
Node.js agent v5.2.1

Removed installation of Oracle container test scripts. Replaced explicit config.high_security === true checks with general truthiness checks.The agent will now treat any truthy value in the high_secur

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