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Node.js agent release notesRSS

December 20, 2018
Node.js agent v4.13.0

New features The agent now reacts to failed New Relic requests based on response code, as opposed to parsing an exception message in the…

December 3, 2018
Node.js agent v4.12.0

New features Added IP address collection and forwarding of metadata headers for upcoming protocol 17. These features are currently behind…

November 15, 2018
Node.js agent v4.11.0

New features Added protocol_17 feature flag. Flag will be removed and protocol will be hard-coded to 17 once functionality is released…

November 1, 2018
Node.js agent v4.10.0

New features Added DatastoreShim#getDatabaseNameFromUseQuery This new method can be used to extract the database name from USE SQL…

October 1, 2018
Node.js agent v4.9.0

New features Added superagent as built-in instrumentation. This instrumentation just maintains transaction state when using the…

August 27, 2018
Node.js agent v4.8.1

Improvements Converted File System instrumentation to use newer shim style. Converted DNS instrumentation to newer shim style. Added…

August 13, 2018
Node.js agent v4.8.0

Improvements Implemented enforcement of max_payload_size_in_bytes config value. Any payload during the harvest sequence that exceeds the…

July 31, 2018
Node.js agent v4.7.0

New features Added support for distributed tracing. Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through…

July 24, 2018
Node.js agent v4.6.0

New features Added full support for Node v10. Added instrumentation for crypto.scrypt . Added instrumentation for fs.realpath.native…

July 18, 2018
Node.js agent v4.5.1

Fixes The agent will now properly remerge event data on collection failure. Previously, the agent wouldn't observe the correct format for…

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