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Node.js agent release notesRSS

July 31, 2018
Node.js agent v4.7.0

Added support for distributed tracing.Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your distributed system. By showing the distributed activity through a unifie

July 24, 2018
Node.js agent v4.6.0

Added full support for Node v10. Added instrumentation for crypto.scrypt. Added instrumentation for fs.realpath.native. Added instrumentation for process.setUncaughtExceptionCaptureCallback

July 18, 2018
Node.js agent v4.5.1

The agent will now properly remerge event data on collection failure

July 16, 2018
Node.js agent v4.5.0

Feature flags may now be set from environment variables.Using the naming convention NEW_RELIC_FEATURE_FLAG_<feature flag name in upper case>

July 12, 2018
Node.js agent v4.4.0

Replaced trusted_account_ids array with trusted_account_key. Added node v10 to the test matrix

July 9, 2018
Node.js agent v4.3.0

Added nonce option for newrelic.getBrowserTimingHeader()This allows people to pass in a string to be injected as the nonce property of the generated script tag. Special thanks to João Vieira (@joaovie

July 2, 2018
Node.js agent v4.2.1

Added more tests for transaction naming with Restify

June 19, 2018
Node.js agent v4.2.0

Added an option for using the finally method on promises for instrumentation.The promise instrumentation would use Promise#finally if available. This change is in response to Node v10 promises calling

June 11, 2018
Node.js agent v4.1.5

Make require() statements explicitly reference package.json as a .json file

May 29, 2018
Node.js agent v4.1.3

Fixed metric merging when using debug.internal_metrics.The debug metrics cache would cause timestamps for harvested metrics to get stuck at agent startup. This will no longer happen, and the debug cac

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