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February 12, 2019
Java agent v4.11.0

Improvements: Vert.x 3.6 The Java agent now provides visibility into your applications built using the Vert.x 3.6. The agent instruments…

January 23, 2019
Java agent v4.10.0

Improvements This release adds Transaction event attributes that provide context between your Kubernetes cluster and services. For details…

December 18, 2018
Java agent v4.9.0

Improvements The 'request.uri' attribute is now included in Transaction events and corresponding Transaction Error events. As a result this…

November 13, 2018
Java agent v4.8.0

Fixes Fixed an issue where the agent would break webpage rendering by inserting New Relic Browser monitoring javascript into the <header…

October 3, 2018
Java agent v4.7.0

Improvements Java 11 The New Relic Java agent is now fully compatible with Java 11. For more on JDK releases and the Java agent, see this…

September 24, 2018
Java agent v4.6.0

Improvements Spring 5 The Java Agent now provides instrumentation for Spring 5 and Webflux. The agent will name transactions based on router…

September 4, 2018
Java agent v4.5.0

Improvements Apache HttpAsyncClient The Java agent now provides instrumentation for Apache HttpAsyncClient 4.1+. You will see your…

August 8, 2018
Java agent v4.4.0

Improvements Java 10 The New Relic Java agent is now fully compatible with Java 10. For more on JDK release and the Java agent, see this…

July 31, 2018
Java agent v4.3.0

Improvements Distributed tracing Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your distributed…

June 12, 2018
Java agent v4.2.0

Bug fixes Fixed a bug where transactions were being kept alive for too long when application is under heavy GC, causing inaccurate…

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