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August 22, 2019
Go agent v2.11.0

Added support for Micro monitoring with the new _integrations/nrmicro package. This package supports instrumentation for servers, clients, publishers, and subscribers.Server Example. Client Example. P

July 31, 2019
Go agent v2.10.0

Added support for custom events when using nrlambda. Example Lambda handler which creates custom event:

July 10, 2019
Go agent v2.9.0

Added support for gRPC monitoring with the new _integrations/nrgrpc package. This package supports instrumentation for servers and clients.Server Example. Client Example. Added new ExternalSegment fie

June 18, 2019
Go agent v2.8.1

Removed nrmysql.NewConnector since go-sql-driver/mysql has not yet released mysql.NewConnector

June 11, 2019
Go agent v2.8

Event data is now sent to New Relic every five seconds, instead of every minute. As a result, transaction, error, and custom events will now be available in New Relic dashboards in near real time. For

March 26, 2019
Go agent v2.7

Added support for server side configuration. Server side configuration allows you to set the following configuration settings in the New Relic APM UI:Config.TransactionTracer.Enabled. Config.ErrorColl

March 12, 2019
Go agent v2.6

Added support for async: the ability to instrument multiple concurrent goroutines, or goroutines that access or manipulate the same Transaction.The new Transaction.NewGoroutine() Transaction method al

February 14, 2019
Go agent v2.5

Added support for New Relic Browser using the new BrowserTimingHeader method on the Transaction which returns a BrowserTimingHeader. The New Relic Browser JavaScript code measures page load timing, al

January 31, 2019
Go agent v2.4

Introduced Transaction.Application method which returns the Application that started the Transaction. This method is useful since it may prevent having to pass the Application to code that already has

January 24, 2019
Go agent v2.3

Added support for Echo in the new nrecho package.Documentation. Example. Introduced Transaction.SetWebResponse(http.ResponseWriter) method which sets the transaction's response writer. After calling t

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