Go Agent Release Notes

Go Agent Release Notes

2017, April 18 - 10:20 Download


2017, March 17 - 15:31 Download


  • Fixed incorrect metric rule application when the metric rule is flagged to terminate and matches but the name is unchanged.

  • Segment.End(), DatastoreSegment.End(), and ExternalSegment.End() methods now return an error which may be helpful in diagnosing situations where segment data is unexpectedly missing.

2017, February 16 - 12:59 Download


2017, February 9 - 07:45 Download


  • Added support for custom error messages and stack traces. Errors provided to Transaction.NoticeError will now be checked to see if they implement ErrorClasser and/or StackTracer. Thanks to @fgrosse for this proposal.

  • Added support for pkg/errors. Thanks to @fgrosse for this work.

  • Fixed tests for Go 1.8.

2016, October 12 - 11:00 Download


  • Added support for slow query traces. Slow datastore segments will now generate slow query traces viewable on the datastore tab. These traces include a stack trace and help you to debug slow datastore activity.

  • Added new DatastoreSegment fields ParameterizedQuery, QueryParameters, Host, PortPathOrID, and DatabaseName. These fields will be shown in transaction traces and in slow query traces.

2016, October 7 - 09:40 Download


  • Added a timeout parameter to the Application.Shutdown method.
2016, October 6 - 03:30 Download


2016, September 7 - 12:00 Download


  • Added support for Transaction Traces.

  • Stack trace filenames have been shortened: Any thing preceding the first /src/ is now removed.

2016, August 8 - 12:00 Download


  • Removed BetaToken from the Config structure.

  • Breaking Datastore change: datastore package contents moved to top level newrelic package. datastore.MySQL has become newrelic.DatastoreMySQL.

  • Breaking Attributes change: attributes package contents moved to top level newrelic package. attributes.ResponseCode has become newrelic.AttributeResponseCode. Some attribute name constants have been shortened.

  • Added "runtime.NumCPU" to the environment tab. Thanks sergeylanzman for the contribution.

  • Prefixed the environment tab values "Compiler", "GOARCH", "GOOS", and "Version" with "runtime."