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Use the NRQL console to query data anywhere in New Relic

The NRQL console is a quick way to query your data anywhere in New Relic while keeping context of what you're doing. Whether you're monitoring your services, troubleshooting an issue, or just browsing your platform, with the NRQL console you can explore your data to understand more about what you are seeing in just a click, without leaving your current view. Be faster at querying your data!


New to NRQL, New Relic's query languange? Learn more in our docs!

Use the NRQL console


The NRQL console isn't visible by default. If you want to enable or disable it, go to your user preferences, by clicking the avatar at the top right corner of the UI.

The NRQL console is a thin, elegant bar available everywhere for data exploration. Using it is very simple:

  1. Find the NRQL console at the bottom of the UI anywhere and anytime. It's omnipresent!
  2. Type in your query: The console comes with autocomplete and syntax highlighting.
  3. Run the query, you'll see a visualization of it.
    • All the queries you perform in the NRQL console will be displayed in the Recent queries tab in the query builder.
  4. Save the results to your dashboards.
  5. For advanced customizations, open your query in the query builder. You'll be able to complete the query, change the visualization type, configure the y-axis, format data, etc.
  6. Once you are done with your query you can minimize the console to keep the query on it in case you need it later, or you can clear it by pressing x.
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