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Solutions and best practices

You need to know exactly how your software performs today, so you can identify issues, resolve them quickly, and track improvements. You want to learn from each iteration so your software, customer experience, and business outcomes become even better.

New Relic's solution framework offers a repeatable and proven approach to help you do just that. Using proven best practices and expert guidance, your organization can move faster, stay on course, and transform successfully.

Our frameworks provide a foundation you can build on and customize based on your goals. During each step of your journey, we can help you with recommended key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, how-to documentation, and more! Use these resources freely, or contact New Relic so we can help you get started.

New Relic solutions and best practices

newrelic.com/resources/solution-sheets/solution-frameworks: Learn about our solutions and best practices by topic, industry, or technology.

Accelerate cloud adoption.

Avoid a painful customer experience as you plan, migrate, and monitor your transition to the cloud. Learn more.

Optimize your cloud native environment.

Use data-driven insights to make smart architecture decisions as your services grow. Learn more.

Best practices guides.

Learn recommendations and best practices for core New Relic features. Learn more.

Solve common issues.

Find help, run diagnostics, and troubleshoot common problems. Learn more.

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