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Entity-scoped maps

New Relic can take data from instrumented entities and create topological maps that display the relationships between them. These entity-scoped maps use a source entity as an entry point into the rest of your system, letting you understand how your hosts, services, and applications relate to and affect each other.

A consistent maps experience

Service maps, workloads maps, and automaps share the same maps engine, called omnimap. These omnimap-powered maps are entity-scoped, and share key features and design. For example, omnimap-powered maps structure your system architecture into three general tiers: UX, Service, and Infrastructure. Across these tiers are nodes that represent groups of related entities, connected by arrows.

An example of the three-tiered structure of an omnimap-powered experience. The above screenshot is an omnimap-powered service map.

Maps will use the standard health status colors to indicate entity health across different experiences.

Explore your entities and their health status

The top pane allows you to adjust your map's appearance. You can search for a specific entity, de-emphasize nodes by health status, or hide entity types. You can also adjust timewarp, which shows your entity's health status over the last three hours.

The right pane houses snapshots of data about your system performance:

Taken together, maps help you find the exact moment and place an incident appeared in your system.

Access automap and golden metrics in the maps tooltip

Our omnimap-powered tooltip displays a snapshot of a selected entity's health, including its golden metrics, the environment the entity is in, and what team owns the entity.

If you notice something anomolous with your metrics, you can click Map from this entity to open up automaps.

When you hover your cursor over an entity, you'll get a snapshot of the entity's golden metrics.

What's next?

To learn more about our different maps capabilities, check out the following docs:

To learn how map relationships are determined:

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