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Build a custom New Relic One application

New Relic gives you a framework to build your own React JavaScript applications that:

  • Reside on the New Relic One platform, alongside your other dashboards and data.
  • Feature visualizations that you've tailored specifically for your organization.
  • Display data from any source you want, whether from a New Relic-monitored entity or data from another service or API.

Get started

Keep reading to learn more about what you can do with New Relic One apps. If you want to get started building quickly, first read the requirements.

New Relic One: a programmable platform

We strive to have an automated user experience that provides optimal value for all users. But we also know that some organizations have unique business needs that can’t be met with our standard visualization options.

Now, we give you control over the fundamental building blocks of our platform. Using the same tools our engineers use to build New Relic One, you can build custom applications that align with your unique organizational structure and business needs. If you know how to use React, GraphQL, and NRQL (our query language), building an application will take you only a few minutes. Check out these guides for help building custom applications.

Solve any data-driven challenge, no matter how complex. You can:


one.newrelic.com: Here’s an example of a custom application built on New Relic One. This application gives a highly detailed analysis of a website, using the PageView events reported from New Relic's browser monitoring.


If your visualization needs are relatively simple, consider using custom charts and custom dashboards.

Now, visit our developer site and start building!

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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