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OpenTelemetry in the UI: Create custom queries

In addition to viewing your OpenTelemetry data in our curated views, you can also view data by constructing your own custom queries. Our Metrics & events and Query builder pages can help you dig into your data.

Metrics & events

The tool called Metrics & events helps you construct queries of metrics, logs, and traces without having to use the NRQL query language directly.

You can find this query tool by clicking the Metrics & events tile at one.newrelic.com/all-capabilities. For tips about how to use this, see Introduction to the metrics and events data explorer.

Query builder

If you prefer to write your own database queries using NRQL, you can use our tool called query builder. You can find this tool by clicking on the Query your data tile at one.newrelic.com/all-capabilities. To learn more about how to construct queries with NRQL, see Introduction to querying data in New Relic and Introduction to NRQL.

To learn about OpenTelemetry in other UI pages, see the UI overview.

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