Map page for mobile apps

The Map page for Mobile monitoring gives an architectural view of your mobile app and the services it uses, to help find performance problems for the app or its services. This gives you a clear picture of your mobile app's relationships to other services and the influence of each service on the others. If one service fails, you can see at a glance which other services are affected.

The Map page is not the same as the Geography page. Geography shows your mobile users' experience as a world view with color-coded response times, network failure rates, active users, network requests per minute, or data transfer size.

Viewing the Map page

To view your mobile app and its related services as an architectural map:

  1. Go to > (select an app) > Network > Map.
  2. To view HTTP request details for a service, select its name.
  3. To view details for a New Relic app related to the service, select the service's name below the associated hostname.
  4. To view throughput details as a chart, select the icon or the cpm bar below the service's name.
  5. To view detailed metrics for a service, mouse over the throughput chart.

Map drill-down details

The Map page helps you quickly identify performance problems between your mobile app and its related services.

Map details Comments
Lines The map shows your mobile app and its list of services by relative throughput. Straight lines indicate a higher percentage of total throughput than dotted lines.
Icons Related services include icons to identify them; for example, New Relic apps, webpages, tools, etc.

The service's label is color coded to indicate its current health status:

  • Green: Live
  • Yellow: Warning
  • Red: Critical
  • Gray: Inactive
Active sessions

The Map lists the average number of active users for your mobile app for the selected versions and time period. To change these settings, use the Versions menu and time picker below the menu bar.

Network error rate percentage The Map provides summary percentages for your mobile app and each related service.
Average response time The title for each service includes this value.
Calls per minute (cpm) This value appears below the service's name.
Throughput This appears as a chart below the service's name.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: