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Troubleshoot SSO accounts and mobile apps

Typically when you sign in to the New Relic mobile app, your session redirects automatically to your web browser. From there you can sign in to your New Relic account. Here are troubleshooting tips if you have problems using the New Relic mobile app with your SAML-SSO enabled account.

No user name or password

You may not have a user name or password for New Relic because some SAML providers will overwrite your password, or because your administrator has not sent you this information. In these situations:

  1. From the mobile app's Log in, select the I don't have a password link.
  2. Use your mobile device to open your email account.
  3. From your email account, retrieve the New Relic authentication email within 20 minutes.
  4. Select the Authenticate button or the link below it in the email.

Errors after signing in

If you see any errors after successfully signing in to your SSO provider with your mobile device, verify that you are able to sign in to one.newrelic.com with a desktop web browser.

Reauthentication problems

If you are using reauthentication on a SAML-SSO account, you must log in to your default account. (All other accounts will be grayed out.) If you attempt to switch to a grayed-out account, an error message will appear, explaining this is currently not supported.

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