Insights app for Apple TV

The New Relic Insights app for Apple TV provides easy access to your New Relic Insights data. This is useful, for example, to display critical data on your kiosks, in your conference rooms, or anywhere you want your teams or customers to see data trends.

New Relic Insights for Apple TV: Search and view any of your account dashboards, favorite dashboards, or data apps, and create a slideshow to cycle through them on your display.

Compatibility and requirements

The Apple TV (4th generation) is required to install and use the Insights Apple TV app. Additional log-in requirements may apply based on your account type:

New Relic account type Requirements
Users with New Relic partner accounts Partner accounts must complete the partner authentication process, then log into the Apple TV app via the iPhone app.
Users with SAML-SSO enabled accounts

You must log into the Apple TV app via the iPhone app.

Existing Insights users Log in with your New Relic username and password. Your dashboards, widgets, and accounts appear in your New Relic Insights menu after you sign in.

Install and log in

Additional log-in requirements may apply depending on your account type. Review the Insights Apple TV app release notes to make sure you have the latest version.

To install and log into the Insights Apple TV app:

  1. Download the app from the Apple TV app store.
  2. Log in with your New Relic username and password.


    Log in using your Insights iPhone app credentials by selecting Insights iPhone app > Accounts > TV icon and entering the code displayed on the screen.

App features

The Insights Apple TV app is a companion app that enables you to view dashboards created via the Insights website and create dashboard slideshows. Information updates in real time, so you always have access to the latest metrics. Features include:

Feature Description
Run slideshow

Add any of your Insights dashboards or data apps to the slideshow that cycles through each one at user-set intervals.

View your dashboards, data apps
  • Search and view all your account and favorite dashboards.
  • Expand any dashboard widget to see full details.
  • Switch to dark mode. To switch from light to dark mode:
    • Activate Siri on the Apple TV and say dark mode.


    • Navigate to Settings > General > Appearance and select Dark. tvOS 11 and higher can switch between dark and light modes automatically, based on sunset and sunrise times.
Switch accounts

You can switch to any account associated with your username. To switch accounts:

  1. From the main menu, select your username.
  2. Select an account from the list.
Switch users

All Insights accounts and dashboards associated with your username appear automatically.

  • To log out from the device: Main menu > (selected username) > Logout.
  • To switch users: Log out, then log in with a new account.

Data privacy

To make troubleshooting easier, New Relic's mobile apps only record the following information about you:

  • User's email address associated with your New Relic account, including first and last name (for authentication purposes only)
  • IP address
  • Device ID

For more information, see our Mobile data privacy and security documentation.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: