Introduction to Infrastructure Integrations SDK

New Relic Infrastructure provides a software development kit (SDK) for creating an Infrastructure integration that reports custom data from hosts or services. That data can then be found in New Relic Infrastructure and in New Relic Insights.

Data from custom on-host integrations is available only with Infrastructure Pro. For more subscription details, see the Infrastructure product page.

What is an Infrastructure integration?

The New Relic Infrastructure integrations are implementations that send specific host, server, and system data to your New Relic account. An integration allows you to supplement Infrastructure's default, out-of-the-box monitoring.

For technologies and services we don't already provide integrations for, you have a couple options for getting that data into New Relic:

  • Our Flex integration tool, a lightweight solution for reporting custom data using a YAML config file.
  • Our Integrations SDK (explained more below): a more complete set of tools for building a custom integration. This is the SDK we use to build our own on-host integrations.

What data can you report using an Integrations SDK-built custom integration?

When you build an integration using the Integration SDK, you assign the entities that report data. In New Relic terms, entity is a purposefully ambiguous term meaning something that reports data to New Relic (for example: a local host, a load balancer, or a database).

A single integration can report data from multiple entities, which gives you the ability to report data from more than one service or host instance.

There are three types of data an entity can generate:

  • Metrics: Metric data is used for numerical measurement data. Examples: how many requests are in a queue, or the number of hits on a database per minute. Metric data from a custom integration can be queried in Insights and used to create dashboards.
  • Inventory: Live system state and configuration information. This data will show up on the Infrastructure Inventory UI page.
  • Events: Events are used to record important activities on a system. Examples: a service starting or a new table being created. Event data will be shown in the Infrastructure Events UI page.

Create a custom integration

Data from an integration built using the Integrations SDK is available only with a New Relic Infrastructure Pro subscription.

To create an integration using the Integrations SDK, use these resources:

For more help

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