Events reported by New Relic Mobile

New Relic Mobile reports event data that is displayed in some UI displays and is also available for querying and charting.

The events reported by Mobile are in the table below. Select an event name to see its attributes.

Attributes with incorrectly formatted values will not be sent up to New Relic with the rest of the associated event.

Event Description
Mobile A Mobile event is created when a crash occurs, when an interaction ends or has run for 1 second, or if a session completes after the app is closed, backgrounded, or has run for 10 minutes. Mobile events were once the only event type and were generated for every event, but now there are several specialized event types. Recommendation: Upgrade to the most recent New Relic Mobile agent version to take full advantage of the new event types.
MobileBreadcrumb There are no attributes listed for this event because it's a custom event; attributes will include the session attributes and any custom attributes added.
MobileCrash The MobileCrash event is created when an app crashes. MobileCrash includes attributes such as crash line number, class, and crash message.

MobileHandledException is sent when an exception is caught and is used for non-fatal exceptions reported to New Relic using the recordHandledException API call for Android or iOS.

The exceptions will be visible in queries of this event and on the Handled exceptions UI page, including stack traces.


A MobileRequest event is created when an HTTP request successfully completes, resulting in a response code below 400.

To use this event type, you must have Mobile agent version 5.14.0 or higher for Android or iOS.

New Relic MobileRequest data is enabled by default for:

For earlier versions, starting with Android version 5.14.0 or iOS version 5.14.0, you must enable the feature. Upgrade to the latest Android or iOS version, or enable the NetworkRequests feature flag by using the Android or iOS configuration settings.


A MobileRequestError is used for HTTP errors or network failures. HTTP errors are HTTP requests that have a status code greater than 400. A network failure is an HTTP request that results in no response. The event is sent when the HTTP request completes.

For best results, use New Relic Mobile agent 5.14.0 or higher for Android or iOS. With lower agent versions, some attributes may be missing, and you will not have access to MobileRequest events.

MobileSession A MobileSession event is sent when an app is closed, backgrounded, or when 10 minutes of active use has elapsed. This is the source of the general session data used by the other New Relic Mobile events. MobileSession captures attributes such as device type, device OS, and geographical information.
Custom events There is no attribute list for this event type because it is a custom event; attributes will include the session attributes and any custom attributes that you add.

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