Browser default events for Insights

With access to New Relic Insights, New Relic Browser populates your Insights account with data into several events. For a list of all Browser events and attributes, see the event data dictionary.

Use these default attributes to explore your browser app's performance, and for deep analysis of how your users use your website. For more information, see the example NRQL queries with Browser and SPA events.

Use the New Relic event data dictionary to view the attributes for the default Browser events:

Event Description
PageView PageView tracks geographic and timing data for each browser page load.
PageAction PageAction event tracks data on each action performed on a page. Its attributes provide app and geographic data, as well as data about the user’s browser dimensions, session IDs, and referring and page URLs.
BrowserInteraction (SPA) BrowserInteraction contains several PageView attributes as well as attributes that are specific to single-page apps (SPA)
AjaxRequest (SPA)

An AjaxRequest event is created automatically when an Ajax request occurs during a BrowserInteraction event. The event attributes track geographic and browser info.

BrowserTiming (SPA)

BrowserTiming is a custom event that captures SPA timing data for browser interactions started using the custom createTracer SPA API method. BrowserTiming contains many of the same attributes used by other events, especially AjaxRequest.


When a JavaScript error occurs, a JavaScriptError event is created. JavaScriptError captures JavaScript error data as well as browser interaction data. For more information, see the JS errors page in the Browser UI and the example NRQL queries for Browser and SPA events.

Insert custom attributes and events

You can extend the default set of attributes by forwarding Browser attributes from New Relic APM. You can also use the Insights JavaScript API, which allow you to create new events based on user actions.

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