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Troubleshooting guide for the Prometheus agent

Get verbose logs

You can enable verbose logs in the newrelic-prometheus-agent chart by setting the verboseLog or global.verboseLog variables to true.

# (...)
verboseLog: true
# (...)

Once this has been updated on the values files, run the following helm upgrade command:

helm upgrade <RELEASE_NAME> newrelic-prometheus-configurator/newrelic-prometheus-agent \
--namespace <NEWRELIC_NAMESPACE> \
-f values-newrelic.yaml \
[--version fixed-chart-version]

Not seeing metrics for a target

You need, at least, one job that is discovering the target in Kubernetes that matches the filter specified, or the target should be listed as static_target.

If you're using the default configuration on Kubernetes, check that your pod or service has the prometheus.io/scrape=true annotation.

By default, the Prometheus agent scrapes metrics only from Prometheus integrations. Unless you selected to scrape all the Prometheus endpoints in the cluster, the Prometheus agent filters the endpoints to be scraped by using the labels defined in source_labels.

Not seeing metrics in a dashboard

Some of the dashboards provided by the Prometheus integrations may have been filtered by a Kubernetes label. Check the corresponding integration documentation to get more information.

Check up metric status

Every target scrape generates the up metric with the all target metrics. If scraping is successful, these metrics have 1 as a value. If it's not successful, their value is 0.


If this metric doesn't exist for the target, it may have been dropped.

If the values are 0, scraping has failed.

Target dropped by filter rules

To check dropped targets, you can use the Prometheus API's targets endpoint.

To list all dropped targets in JSON format and show all discovered labels, run the following command:

kubectl exec newrelic-prometheus-agent-0 -- wget -O - 'localhost:9090/api/v1/targets?state=dropped' 2>/dev/null

Target scrape fail

If the up metrics have 0 as a value, it means that the target is actively scraped by Prometheus but the scrape has failed. You can check the reason in the verbose logs with a log entry similar to this:

prometheus ts=timestamp caller=scrape.go:1332 level=debug component="scrape manager" scrape_pool=kubernetes-job-pod target= msg="<error>" err="<error detail>"

You can also check the active target list using Prometheus API's targets endpoint.

To list all active targets in JSON and show all discovered labels, run the following command:

kubectl exec newrelic-prometheus-agent-0 -- wget -O - 'localhost:9090/api/v1/targets?state=active' 2>/dev/null

The failed target will be listed, and the error will be available in the lastError field in an output similar to this:

"status": "success",
"data": {
"activeTargets": [
"discoveredLabels": <map of labels>,
"labels": <map of labels>,
"scrapePool": "kubernetes-job-pod",
"scrapeUrl": "",
"globalUrl": "",
"lastError": <error detail>,
"lastScrape": "2022-09-19T14:19:20.543747971Z",
"lastScrapeDuration": 0.000372542,
"health": "down",
"scrapeInterval": "15s",
"scrapeTimeout": "10s"
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