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Incorrect data reported


The agent is working, but the infrastructure monitoring UI shows unexpected data for some of the events, metrics or attributes collected from the infrastructure agent.


Infrastructure supports trace-level logging that can be enabled on-demand to help troubleshooting complex scenarios. The following trace flags can be configured in order to print all events and metrics send to Telemetry Data Platform. This setting generates a lot of data very quickly, we recommend only enabling it for troubleshooting purposes.

  1. Edit the newrelic-infra.yml configuration file and add required flags. For example:

    verbose: 1
    log_file: /path/myfile.log
    # v3.submission enables detailed logging for events, examples: SystemSample, NetworkSample, etc.
    - v3.submission
    # dm.submission
    - dm.submission
  2. Use your init system to restart the agent service:

  3. Identify the new trace log lines to confirm the data being sent to the Telemetry Data Platform.

Log example when v3.submission is enabled:

time="2021-12-28T09:27:28Z" level=debug msg="Sending events to metrics-ingest." component=MetricsIngestSender key=... numEvents=3 postCount=1 timestamps="[2021-01-01 09:27:28 +0000 UTC]"
time="2021-12-28T09:27:28Z" level=debug msg="Preparing metrics post." component=MetricsIngestSender postCount=1
time="2021-12-28T09:27:28Z" level=trace msg="[{\"EntityID\":111,\"IsAgent\":true,\"Events\":[{\"eventType\":\"SystemSample\",\"timestamp\":1640683648,\"entityKey\":\"...\",\"cpuPercent\":0.2004008016032026, ...}]" feature=v3.submission
time="2021-12-28T09:27:29Z" level=debug msg="Metrics post succeeded." component=MetricsIngestSender postCount=1
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