Share Infrastructure data and view in Insights

This document explains how to share and export your New Relic Infrastructure data:

  • How to view Infrastructure data in New Relic Insights
  • How to share a publicly-accessible Infrastructure chart
  • How to share an Infrastructure URL with other account members or New Relic support staff

View chart in Insights

To view any Infrastructure chart in New Relic Insights:

  1. From, select an Infrastructure UI page that has charts.
  2. Mouse over the chart you want to share and select the [ellipses icon] icon.
  3. Select View in Insights.

When you do this, the Insights Query page opens automatically, giving you these options:

If you want to... Use the Insights data explorer
Analyze the Infrastructure data To view or change the query that generated the Infrastructure chart, use the NRQL query command line.
Share the Infrastructure chart To share the Infrastructure chart as a publicly accessible iFrame, select Embed.
Add to Insights dashboards To add the Infrastructure chart to a new or existing Insights dashboard, select Add to dashboard.

Share via URL

To share an Infrastructure UI page with someone who has access to the same New Relic account:

  1. From an Infrastructure UI page, select the [ellipses icon] at the bottom of the page.
  2. Select Permalink, which will copy the page's URL, keeping the associated time range.
  3. Share the link.

You can also share an Infrastructure UI page with other account members by simply copying and pasting a URL, skipping the Permalink process. But note that the copy/paste method will not "lock down" the page to an unchanging time range unless you use a from/to this time selection in the time picker.

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