Infrastructure Storage page: Evaluate disk usage efficiency

The Storage page in New Relic Infrastructure allows you to monitor your resources' capacity and efficiency. This can help you:

  • Examine unexpected patterns; for example, a cluster of mirrored machines that do not process I/O tasks uniformly.
  • Monitor usage levels before disk space completely runs out.
  • Set alert conditions to notify you about problems with one or more hosts; for example, long processing times for read or write operations, disk availability or utilization based on percentage or bytes, etc.
  • Make informed decisions about where to redistribute hosts with higher or lower than normal processing requests.
  • Use data to help plan for additions or changes to your infrastructure budget before an emergency arises.

View Storage metrics

To view data about your devices' overall utilization, disk usage, or I/O operations: Go to > Storage. The Storage page includes an Events heatmap, which provides a snapshot of the events occurring within the same time range as the displayed metrics.

Infrastructure Storage UI page > Storage: Example of the Infrastructure Storage page that shows you what percent of each host's disk space is in use (per kernal version).

View drill-down details

To drill down into additional details, use any of these standard UI functions:

If you want to... Do this...
Filter and group

Use filter sets to show only hosts matching certain criteria, or use Group by to aggregate the results.

Select a time range Use the time picker on the upper right to change the range of time selected. You can also click and drag on the chart to select a custom time range. When you select a time range, it carries over when you go from one Infrastructure page to another.
Change metrics displayed in chart Use the sorting dropdown to switch what metric the chart is displaying for the chosen process groupings. Choices include: Total Utilization %, Read Utilization %, Write Utilization %, Disk Used Bytes, Disk Free Bytes, I/O Read Operations, and I/O Write Operations.
Search and filter the list

Type in the Search devices search bar to filter the list.

You can also filter the list by simply selecting the list item or user name you want to filter for. The chosen filters are displayed beside the filter icon above the chart.

Add/remove chart items The chart, by default, displays the top five results. Use the Chart shows dropdown to display more results. To remove an item, select its name below the chart.
Set an alert condition for a metric Mouse over a chart. Select the ellipses [ellipses icon] icon and then Create alert (not available on APM charts).
Share data and view in New Relic Insights

Mouse over a chart. Select the [ellipses] icon and then View query (not available on APM charts).

View host's alert threshold violation

Select the host's Critical times-circle-o icon or Warning exclamation-triangle icon.

Chart data attributes

For a technical explanation of the attributes used to populate the Storage page chart, see StorageSample attributes.

For more help

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