Infrastructure Hosts page: Measure resource usage

Use the New Relic Infrastructure Hosts page to better understand important performance metrics, like CPU usage, load average, memory used, and more. Filter your hosts by specific attributes and compare their performance with inventory change events to help determine root cause.

To access the Hosts page: Go to > Hosts.

For more information, check out New Relic University’s tutorial Understanding Infrastructure charts and tables Or, go directly to the full online course.

View host performance charts

Infrastructure Hosts page screenshot > Hosts: Use the Hosts page to see an overview of your hosts' performance.

Here are the default graphs shown on the Infrastructure Hosts page. For additional chart options, select the drop-down angle-down icon for any chart. For explanations of different chart metrics, see Default Infrastructure attributes and events.

  • CPU %: On the Hosts page, CPU Percent is a derived metric that is part of the SystemSample event. The CPU percentage is not collected by New Relic, but derived from several other metrics. Specifically, the cpuPercent attribute is an aggregation of cpuUserPercent, cpuSystemPercent, cpuIoWaitPercent and cpuStealPercent.
  • Load average five minute: represents an average of the number of tasks waiting to do work on a system over the last 5 minutes.
  • Memory used %: compares the amount of free memory bytes to the amount of used memory bytes.

Functions for adjusting chart data include:

  • Select different host groups: Use the host filter.
  • Change time range: Use the time picker above the charts, or drag and select a time range on a chart.
  • Change the number of elements on charts: use the Chart shows dropdown.
  • Change data used to order hosts: Use the table below the charts to order the chart elements by different metrics; for example, from highest to lowest CPU user % to lowest, or from lowest to highest Disk free.

Page functions

Other page functions available on the Hosts page:

If you want to... Do this...
Filter and group hosts

Use filter sets to show only hosts matching certain criteria, or use group by to aggregate the results.

Understand host health

Use the Health column of the table. To see more details about specific violations, select the health status icons.

Find root causes of issues

Use the Events heatmap at the top of the page to compare performance to important events happening in your infrastructure. For more, see Events heatmap.

Set an alert condition for a metric Mouse over a chart and select the [ellipses icon] icon and then Create alert.
View host's alert threshold violation

If present, select the host's Critical times-circle-o icon or Warning exclamation-triangle icon.

Share data and view in New Relic Insights

Mouse over a chart and select the [ellipses icon] icon and then View query. (APM

APM data in Infrastructure

If you have a New Relic APM account associated with your Infrastructure account, there are several ways to access your APM data on the Hosts page:

  • Use the hosts filter to filter on hosts running specific applications.
  • In the host list below the charts, select the Application column to filter on specific applications.
  • From the chart selector dropdown beside a chart's name, select one of the application-related charts.

APM charts in Infrastructure do not have View query or Create alert options like the other Infrastructure charts do.

For more about using APM and Infrastructure together, see APM data in Infrastructure.

Understand measurements

For a more in-depth explanation of the measurements on this page (such as CPU or memory calculations), see Infrastructure SystemSample attributes.

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