Group infrastructure results by specific attributes

In our infrastructure monitoring tool, you can use the Group by feature to group chart results by specific attributes. For example, on the Hosts page, you might display the AWS regions with the highest CPU usage grouped by awsRegion.

Group by is available near the top of some infrastructure monitoring UI pages.

Group charts by specific attributes

On some infrastructure pages you can use Group by to group page results and charts by a specific attribute, such as host name, entity ID, or AWS region. The attributes available to group by will depend on your system setup. These may include:

To group infrastructure results by a specific attribute:

  1. On pages that have this feature, select Group by (located beside the time picker).
  2. From the dropdown, select an attribute to group by.

Combine filter sets and grouping

Grouping applies to any filter sets you have selected. By combining filter sets with Group by, you can find detailed system information quickly.

Increased CPU usage on a single host

On the Filter sets sidebar, you see alert threshold violations as Critical times-circle-o icon or Warning exclamation-triangle icon on one of your filter sets.

  1. To view only the hosts related to the filter set on your Hosts page, click the filter set name.
  2. To determine which of the hosts is causing the problem, select Group by, then select the hostname attribute.
  3. Review the charts which now show the hosts, by name, with the highest CPU usage.

For more help

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