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Identify root cause issues in your infrastructure

You're the new IT engineer for Geek's Movie Shop, a site that's deployed across a distributed infrastructure. Your predecessors didn't instrument the site's servers, so you don't know much about how they're behaving, but recent user complaints indicate that it's time to start observing your system.

In this lab, you use New Relic infrastructure monitoring to observe your servers so you can identify and mitigate issues.


  • Instrument your hosts with the New Relic infrastructure agent
  • Gather insights from your infrastructure and related services
  • Identify root cause issues in your infrastructure



This track utilizes an ephemeral virtual machine. As a result, you need to finish the entire track in one sitting or you'll lose your progress when time expires.



Now that you know how to instrument your infrastructure, here are some resources you can utilize to familiarize yourself even more with New Relic infrastructure:

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