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CodeStream proxy support

If you're experiencing connectivity issues with the New Relic CodeStream extension, it could be because you’re behind a network proxy and CodeStream isn't configured to work with it. To find CodeStream’s settings in your IDE:

  • VS Code: Go to Settings and search for CodeStream.
  • Visual Studio: Go to Tools > Options > CodeStream.
  • JetBrains: Go to Settings/Preferences > Tools > CodeStream.

Look for the Proxy Support setting and make sure it is set to on. You will also need to disable Strict SSL checking since your CodeStream extension won’t see the SSL/TLS certificates as coming from a legitimate certificate authority.

Here's what these settings look like in VS Code.

Proxy Settings

If you have proxy support configured in your IDE, CodeStream will first try to inherit those settings. Otherwise, CodeStream will inherit proxy settings from your operating system/environment.

After changing your settings, restart your IDE.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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