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Connecting repositories to services

The telemetry data available in CodeStream is contextual, meaning that it's all related to the code you have open in your IDE. To do this, CodeStream needs to know what services in New Relic are built from the repositories you have open in your IDE. CodeStream will prompt you to select a service to associate with the repository you currently have open in your IDE.

In some cases your repository may need to be associated with multiple services. For example, you might have different services that represent different environments (like production, or staging) and they may all be associated with the same repository. To associate the current repository with an additional service, click on Add another service.

Making these associations on the fly when prompted is a great way to get started, but we recommend one of the following methods because they require less ongoing manual effort and eliminate the possibility of end-user mistakes, such as misconfigured remote URLs.

With any of these methods you can specify the remote URL in either the SSH or HTTPS format:

  • git@github.com:newrelic/beta-docs-site.git
  • https://github.com/newrelic/beta-docs-site.git


It's possible to add the same repository more than once, if you're using different protocols to do so. The UI warns you about this, but won't prevent you from doing so.

For example, https://github.com/tuna/repo and git@github.com:tuna/repo are the same repo, with different protocols.

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