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Introduction to business observability

Business observability is the practice of monitoring and analyzing the performance and behavior of a business and its processes to gain insights into its operations and identify opportunities for improvement.

It involves collecting and analyzing data from various sources, such as transactional systems, customer interactions, and business processes, to understand how a business is functioning and identify areas that require attention.

Here is an example of how New Relic helps you monitoring and analyzing data from various sources across the organization and provides you a comprehensive visibility into the performance and health of your systems.

Achieving business observability requires a holistic approach to monitoring and analyzing data from various sources across the organization. Typically observability strategy is built in silos, and connecting the dots back to the business is reactive and extremely difficult. This is where the New Relic platform comes in. It provides a powerful foundation for collecting and analyzing data to drive actionable insights, so you can gain comprehensive visibility into your systems and make data-driven decisions for better business outcomes.

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