Update Browser agent

Running the latest version of New Relic Browser ensures you can access all Browser features and enhancements. To update to the latest version, check your version number, then follow the steps to update an APM-managed installation or to upgrade a copy/paste installation.

Check your version number

To verify your New Relic Browser version number, view the source code of a page which includes the JavaScript snippet. Search the page source for js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-. The numbers that follow nr- are your current version. For example, js-agent.newrelic.com/nr-593.min.js indicates you are running version 593 of the Browser script.

The latest version of the New Relic Browser script is available by checking the latest version of the loader. Find the version number by searching for js-agent.newrelic.com/nr- and noting the numbers that follow nr-.

If the latest version number is higher than the number of the version you are currently running, update your Browser agent.

Update your APM-managed installation

To update your APM-managed Browser installation, restart your APM agent. Your app will automatically update to the latest JavaScript snippet.

To ensure the new script registers, you may need to clear your cache as described in our troubleshooting documentation.

Update your copy/paste installation

There are three ways to access the Browser JavaScript snippet needed to update a copy/paste installation. After accessing the snippet, replace all of your existing snippet with the new version. ​Note that changing the version number in the snippet is not sufficient to update the agent and doing so is likely to result in incomplete data collection.

Retrieve the snippet from the UI for standalone installations where you have only a few applications. If you have many applications, you may want to use the REST API or the loader endpoint to automate the update process.

Retrieve the snippet from the UI

Download the latest version of the snippet: Go to rpm.newrelic.com/browser > (select an app) > Application settings.

This option is only available for standalone installations.

Extract the snippet with the REST API

To update the snippet using the New Relic REST API, follow the process for viewing a specific Browser app. The loader_script attribute in your response will include the latest JavaScript snippet.

This may be a good solution if you have many applications to manage, or if your Browser app is linked to an APM app.

Update using the loader endpoint

To update the snippet from the New Relic loader endpoint, use the Browser Pro + SPA endpoint, the Browser Pro endpoint, or the Browser Lite endpoint. These endpoints always point to the latest version of the script snippet.

New Relic suggests using the Browser Pro or Pro + SPA loaders regardless of your Browser subscription level, because they are compatible with both the Pro and Lite subscription levels.

Unlike the methods above, these loader endpoints are generic and do not include your specific configuration data. To add your configuration data, set the Browser application ID and key immediately after the snippet. Your browser key is not the same as your license key.

The ID and key are available from the New Relic UI, or via the API.

NREUM.info = { applicationID: "YOUR-APPLICATION-ID",
               licenseKey:    "YOUR-BROWSER-LICENSE-KEY" };

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