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Tag key transactions

In APM, you can assign tags to key transactions.

Tags are metadata associated with transactions. They're useful for applying to transactions that have things in common. For example, you might apply a checkout tag to all key transactions that are part of the checkout process. Then you can filter by checkout to see all of those transactions in one place.

Assign tags

To assign a tag to a key transaction:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > More > Key transactions.

  2. From the index page, select the tag icon beside the name of the transaction you want to tag.

  3. In the tag name box, type the tag's name. Press space to apply the tag.


    Use any Unicode characters except commas , , angle brackets < >, parentheses ( ), or square brackets [ ].

  4. Select outside the tag name box to exit tag creation.

Tag multiple transactions

You can assign a tag to all visible transactions in the index:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > More > Key transactions.
  2. Follow the tag creation instructions in Assign tags.

To remove a bulk tag:

  • From the bulk tag dropdown, select a tag name's x symbol.


To filter the key transaction index by tags:

  1. In the key transaction index search field, select the dropdown icon and select by tags.
  2. Type in the tag name.
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